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The University of Melbourne offers comprehensive metabolomic services covering detection, analysis and interpretation.  Its technology platform includes GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR offered through the University's School of Botany and the Bio21 Institute.  New metabolomic services and techniques are also an important focus, including bioinformatics applications for seamless metabolomics data analysis and interpretation.

Metabolomic services include:

  • Analysis of targeted or non-targeted naturally occurring metabolites
  • Analysis of specific metabolites or sets of metabolites relating to targeted metabolic pathways
  • Bio-prospecting metabolites in plant, animal and microbial systems
  • Bioinformatics analyses, data processing and statistical validation of metabolic variations and biomarker responses as well as data visualisation
  • Bioinformatics approaches to integrated systems molecular profile analyses linking metabolomics data with corresponding genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics data
  • Skills training in the standardization and application of metabolomics technologies
  • Access to research hotel infrastructure to cater for external users