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Services offered by Metabolomics Australia:

  • Tailored project support and experimental design
  • Consultation in metabolomics analyses
  • Skills training
  • Metabolite analyses in biological tissue, fluid or cell culture
  • Method development
  • Sample extraction
  • Data acquisition, processing and analysis
  • Bioinformatics support and advice (experimental design, univariate and multivariate analysis)
  • Data interpretation
  • Pathway analysis

Analytical approaches:

  • GC-qMS profiling of polar metabolites (amino acids, organic acids, sugars, sugar alcohols, sugar phosphates etc.)
  • GC-qMS profiling of non-polar metabolites (fatty acids)
  • GC-QQQ fatty acid profiling (total fatty acid and short-chain fatty acid)
  • Targetted analysis of organic acids by GC-qMS
  • Targetted analysis of eicosanoid metabolites
  • LC-MS based profiling (fingerprinting using LC-QTOFMS) of polar and non-polar metabolites
  • Lipidomics (lipid profiling and quantification of individual lipid species) using LC-QQQ and LC-QTOFMS
  • Analysis of amino acids and amines using LC-QQQ
  • NMR based metabolite profiling
  • 'Fluxomics'
  • Stable isotope labelling
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Drug and drug metabolite analyses
  • Metabolite characterization
  • Metabolite and lipid tissue imaging


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